Human Values Policy

Bakioğlu Holding’s Human Values and Corporate Development Department aims;

  • Be a company preferred by the high qualified manpower that adopt universal values such as being "fair, libertarian, cooperative and equal",
  • Prepare the organization to change in respect of quality and quantity by grasping the dynamics of the world and the sector, 
  • Keep our employees profiles up-to-date in accordance with the company strategies and anticipate the workforce profile that will redefine the company strategy,
  • Support professional development of our employees by giving sustainable feedback in accordance with the personal performance management system structured by the company goals and strategies,
  • Give opportunities to our employees in order to improve themselves in different fields, involve them in management, identify their skill gaps and develop their skills by assigning them in the different parts of the organization,
  • Increase the employee satisfaction and loyalty by sustaining happiness and peace of the work place,
  • Be a strategic partner with the sustainable Human Values policies.